Michael Grove

Vice President Commercial Banking

Red Wing, MN

Michael Grove is the Vice President of Commercial Banking in Red Wing, MN. Throughout his 30+ years of lending, he has had clients in the motel/hotel industry, numerous factories, jet aircraft, AG, retail, real estate, and construction. He enjoys working with factories and industries as they are making products and continually changing. As a lender, he enjoys being on their “management team” as their trusted financial advisor.

He has lived in Red Wing for 30 years with his wife, Kristin, who has been an elementary school teacher in the district for the past 34 years. They have two adult children. Mike enjoys boating and being on the water. When he's not on the water, he enjoys being under it scuba diving. His favorite community event is River City Days, which is Red Wing’s summer celebration, as the entire city comes together for a wonderful celebration all week long.

What Mike enjoys most about his job is meeting with business owners to talk about their businesses or dreams, and then working with them on how to make it a reality. As a retired Army officer, he also appreciates the power of teamwork and what an effective team can do for an organization.


  • Manufacturing
  • Hotel
  • Construction

Community Engagement

Mike volunteers for the following organizations: CARE Clinic (Board Member), Minnesota State College Southeast Foundation, Mayo Health Systems (Board Member), Mayo Health Systems Southeast Minnesota (Board Member), and the United Lutheran Church (Board Member).