Randy Isaacson

Campground Loan Coordinator

Caledonia, WI

Randy Isaacson is the Campground Loan Coordinator for CCFBank. He has worked in the banking industry for over 40 years! He started as an ag loan officer and from there transitioned to a commercial loan officer, then a branch manager, and finally on to starting the national campground lending program in 1999. Randy is a frequent presenter at campground conventions, which includes Jellystone Symposiums.

Randy enjoys strategizing and learning. He enjoys reading, helping businesses grow, entrepreneurship, and solving problems that leverage his experience and expertise. Randy says, “The coolest part of my job is that I learn things in my own park that can help my customers and I learn things in my customers’ parks that can help me.”

Randy grew up on a family farm in Wisconsin. In 2005, he purchased his first campground in Caledonia, WI. He currently resides in Oak Creek, WI with his wife. They live about three miles from the campground in Caledonia and within five miles of their three daughters.


  • Campground Lending

Community Engagement

Randy is on the Board of Real Racine, raised money for the Leroy Butler Foundation. His campground has fundraised and donated to area schools, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Caledonia Police Department K-9 unit