Insurance Claims


Insurance Claims

How to receive your insurance claim funds?

Your insurance company will mail you a check for the insurance claim. Generally, it will be made out
to you and Citizens Community Federal National Association. Everyone listed on the check needs to
sign it before delivering to CCFBank.

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What is my first step?

Bring the check to your nearest branch or mail to CCFBank endorsed by all parties. Include a copy of
your Adjustor’s Report. Contractor’s bid with the amount of funds your contractor(s) require to start
repairs (if applicable) signed by each of you. If you need multiple contractors to complete repairs we
will need a copy of each signed contract/estimate.

Complete the Declaration of Intent to Repair form.

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When can I receive funds?

The first portion of your funds will be released upon receiving the above documentation. The
amount of funds released will be determined by the total amount of your claim and the amount
due to your contractor(s) to begin repairs. This will be made out to you and your contractor. The
remaining portion of your funds will be released once the repairs are complete and have been
inspected. This will be made out to you and the contractor (if applicable).

Sign the Statement of Completion and Satisfaction and return it to CCFBank.

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